Best Games of 2021 So Far

In this list we refine down the many releases that have come so far this year, highlighting the very best 2021 has offered so far in release order.


With the success of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out, Josef Fares is back with his next cooperative adventure, and grounds himself as the pioneer of modern-day cooperative gaming. Hazelight Studios is back after the roaring success of A Way Out with It Takes Two, published by Electronic Arts. It Takes Two combines a fun, campy and heartfelt narrative with incredibly varied, ground-breaking co-op gameplay, making one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences out there.


The Medium is the next big game from Blooper Team, the studio behind Layers of Fear, Observer and Blair Witch, and probably the first true next generation game on the Xbox Series X|S. Continuing in the vein of phycological and literal horror these developers do so well, The Medium truly elevates the studio to the next level.


Man of Medan was our first taste of Supermassive Games’ ambitions new series, and whilst it had its flaws it was a thrilling adventure at sea that boasted horror and replayability. Now we’re at the second game, Little Hope, which takes us away from a ghost ship and to the world of witch trials. What this game boasts in visuals and enemy interactions it loses in its lack of cohesion and consequence down the line.


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