In a previously unseen E3 demo, only shown behind closed doors, an alternate path to the original demo is presented, set in the daytime rather that night, and whilst it is snowing. This demo is narrated by the creative director John Garvin and actor Sam Witwer, who both emphasise that these time and weather changes are far from just cosmetic and will drastically change the way you approach the game.

First off, they explain how the weather can impact small things such as riding the motorbike, with Deacon slipping and sliding around due to the snowfall. In the original E3 demo (which you can watch at the bottom of the article) Deacon is pursued by wolves, which he has to fend off with his gun whilst riding. In the new demo the wolves are not there, representing a dynamic event within the game thus creating an entirely new way to play the same areas and missions. These dynamic events are usually down to when you are playing the game and what the weather is like. This complex algorithm provides a very interesting game environment that gives the sense that it is alive and has a mind of its own, rather than another tediously programmed game.

We all remember the annoying trip wire ambush that followed shortly after the wolves in the original demo, but due to the fact it is daytime, Deacon is able to see the ambush ahead and avoid it entirely. Now Deacon is able to ambush the ambush, marking up the enemies and taking them by surprise. They go on to explain that the ‘freakers’ (aka the Days Gone name for zombies) usually only come out at night as they are nocturnal, and that they will come out more often as the weather gets colder, which makes them stronger.

Good news for gore fans, this game is brutal. As shown in this newer demo, Deacon does not hold back when killing human enemies and neither do the graphics, with the game taking a more realistic and gritty approach to the post-apocalyptic survival game. Survival vision is introduced, which allows to you discover resources, tracks and more. This can aid you through storylines and help you recover more materials for crafting. It’s explained that there is a skill tree, as with most games, and you can upgrade certain skills, including the survival vision, which if you don’t upgrade regularly enough will cause you to potentially miss certain resources and clues.

Rather than use the horde of freakers to deal with his enemies like in the original demo, Deacon uses his environment and an array of weapons. This includes a sniper like gun to go into strategic combat with the camp. Lastly, another fun and interesting weather mechanic is that the snow obviously makes it cold, so the human enemies at the camp have made fires and congregate around them to keep warm, a small detail that goes a long way in game design.

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