Atomic Heart is a game I’m wildly excited for and recently we got a fresh new look at some gameplay meeting a new mini-boss; Plyush.


The video kicks off with some eriee shots before diving into the gameplay. The first thing I noticed was the level of detail. And by that, yes, I mean his hairy arms! Most first person games that show body parts usually are clothed, or when not, have arms that are as smooth as a baby’s butt. But not this hardcore Soviet world, the inclusion of body hair may seem minimal, but I appreciate the addition and detail that has gone into the realism and character design.

Atomic Heart Meet Plyush

The second thing that caught my eye is the ridiculously large weapon fitting for a science fiction KGB officer. It’s a massive double handed weapon that looks like it could fire some major energy rounds which I’m hoping lead to some impressive enemy deaths. Alas, sadly we never get to see this bad boy in action, the ultimate tease by the devs here, but clever nonetheless, now I’m excited to see the range of weaponry the game has to offer.


The level of design of this first area is something to behold, a battered and deserted hallway filled with what looks like marketing for the state-of-the-art machines the facility produces. The Russian posters fully immerse you in this fiction USSR and the Russian voice acting is phenomenal. In my opinion, there is no other option than to play this game with the Russian voice acting and English subtitles, as the voice acting alone contribute so much to the atmosphere and immersion.


Not long after the educational hallway we enter a massive, multi-level area with a beautiful almost honeycomb glass ceiling revealing a very green and blue exterior to the building. You see lots of smaller robots chaotically going about their business, but it’s not long until this epic room starts producing plant like enemies in good old xenomorph fashion. Now we get the first look at some combat in this trailer, and sadly, you put away your gun to reveal an impressive looking melee weapon.

A metal rod with a motor and spinning saw blades on the end is exactly what I want to wield in this terrifying world. The protagonist can swing this weapon haphazardly to hit the enemies or you can use a charged, over the head slam which supposedly deals more damage. The enemies seem to use for sort of acid or gas like attacks as your health gradually decreases with certain attacks. Of course, they just throw themselves at your too.

There is a stamina meter that depletes with each swing of the weapon but seems to replenish fairly quickly. The general UI looks clean and attractive with the health and some sort of energy meter on the bottom of the screen and a compass for enemies and objectives at the top.

After clearing out a bulk of these enemies the protagonist heals, and the healing animation is very impressive. A small red capsule is presented to the palm and a collection of some sort of wires snakes out of the centre to collect whatever goodness resides within it.

Immediately following this another load of plant enemies burst from their pods and an impressive new mechanic is shown off. Using the same palm wires used for healing, the protagonist activates what seems to be a dormant robot that then violently ploughs through them buying you time to prepare or run, depending on your playstyle. 

After this we enter a creepy hallway and face off against a humanoid robot that packs a hell of a punch. I love the detail of the white coat or layer of the robot coming off as and where you hit it with your weapon.


Finally, we come to meet Plyush, a very Prey-esque enemy that starts off the fight with an impressive stretchy drop kick that seems to be unavoidable. This thing is pretty impressive, very stretchy, and has zero table manners as it chases you around the room trashing it in its wake.

The melee weapon suddenly becomes an impressive ranged weapon as the saw blades launch off it and are directed by the metal pole to attack a target much like shuriken. What’s interesting is that after this attack is used up the protagonist uses his palm wires to ‘recharge’ the saw blades on the weapon.

Atomic Heart Meet Plyush

Near the end of the fight another new mechanic is shown off, some sort of tracking vision that greys out the world and allows you to follow the enemies through walls in a kind of stealth mode. Sadly, our protagonist loses this fight and gets devoured by Plyush.

This new gameplay trailer has reinvigorated my excitement for this game and it’s incredible versatility with weaponry, mechanics and style. 

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