The first ever Xbox console I owned personally was the Xbox One S, and it’s not that I was anti-Xbox or into the ridiculous console wars that seem to plague the gaming industry, but more the fact that the PlayStation 1 was the first console (other than Nintendo) I ever used. From there I had 2, 3, 4 and I’ve of course pre-ordered PS5.

Why am I prefacing this article with this information? Simply because I have never been this swayed to Xbox than ever before. Swayed enough to have pre-ordered an Xbox Series X on top of my PS5 pre-order (so long savings).

The first thing that grabbed my interest was the Series X’s insane 12 teraflops of power combined with the fact that Game Pass exists, one of the best, most forward-thinking subscription services in gaming. Then Microsoft went and bought Bethesda, which has an endless amount of benefits that Paul Tassi highlights over at Forbes very well. Combine all this with the boatload of information we have about this console over the PS5, including these new hands on previews, Microsoft are at the top of their game right now.

Xbox Series X

Now some very select, very lucky people have had the chance to play with an Xbox Series X preview unit, and from the initial wave of hands on previews, it’s looking very, very good.

According to those who have the consoles, the current embargo only lets them talk about the performance and Quick Resume, a new feature that fully takes advantage of the SSD inside this beast. With no games made for Series X, or patches for backwards compatible games on the Series X, the improvements seen are solely due to the Series X’s beefy hardware.

Both Tom Warren at The Verge and Michael Higham at Gamespot Noticed extremely improved performance in games that could run up to 60 FPS. Whilst this has been available on the Xbox One X, both articles noted that whilst the One X tried its hardest to keep a consistent 60 FPS, and usually failed, the Series X ran games at 60 FPS flawlessly.

Xbox Series S Hardware

Another performance enhancement from the hardware alone is load times, with Tom Warren noting a big drop across almost every game he tested. These can be seen in the table below, from The Verge:

The last, and most exiting feature they could talk about, that really shows of the power of next gen consoles, is Quick Resume. Taking full advantage of the SSD inside the Series X, Quick Resume is a feature that allows you to switch between games, and after 5-8 seconds resume exactly where you left off.

Now this is the true game changer of this generation, pun intended, saving massive amounts of time swapping between games, not having to relaunch a game cold, and being able to play several games within the same session. Other benefits could be if the console is used by multiple people, you can all play your respective games without shutting down the other persons, which we all know to be insanely frustrating.

All in all, these hands-on previews don’t tell us much but also showcase the immense power the Series X has to offer, and I’m more than excited to see what else we see as the embargos lift over the coming weeks.

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