Watch Dogs: Legion

I’ll admit I’ve never played Watch Dogs and dove straight into Watch Dogs 2, which fast become one of my favourite games of 2016, so when they announced Watch Dogs: Legion I was beyond excited to get my hands on it.

This game has to be one of the most adventurous titles of the current generation, taking the usual third-person story-driven shooter-adventure (that’s a lot of hyphens) and throwing in a twist, a real twist. You can play as anyone, Ubisoft has stated you can play as literally anyone you see in this massively open-world futuristic London.

The selection of NPCs which aren’t really NPCs you can recruit and play as range from MI6 agent all the way to a hunched over old lady, each of which will have their own particular personalities, abilities, tech and weaponry they can call upon.

In one of the more recent gameplay videos, you can play as a builder archetype and use a nail gun, yes, a nail gun as a ranged weapon.

I have always taken all the promises this game makes with a pinch of salt, as It must be insanely difficult to code and maintain the ability to play as anyone in an organic manner during the duration of the game. However, the recent gameplay showcases have me closer and closer to believing Ubisoft may have truly pulled this off. To say I’m excited for this game is an understatement.

Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Until Dawn is hands down one of my favourite horror games, and when Supermassive Games announced the Dark Pictures Anthology, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the first instalment.

Man of Medan was a fantastic game, despite the odd misgiving here and there, and has me beyond excited for more from this anthology series. It won’t be long now until with get our hands on Little Hope, the next instalment.

Little Hope follows 4 students and a teacher after their bus crashes in a creepy town miles from anywhere. Supernatural horrors follow and hopefully we get the same choice and consequence mechanics of the previous game making every click of a button nail-bitingly tense.

What’s really exciting about this game specifically is that Will Poulter plays the main, if not one of the main characters. Similar to Until Dawn, characters based on and played by big stars always brings an excitement and high level of acting to the game and story.

Assassins Creed Valhalla

Assassins Creed has had an interesting few years with a break before releasing Origins and Odyssey, both of which I threw many hours into and explored as much as I could. The next game, based in England in the era of Vikings, lets you become Eivor, a Viking raider and warrior who leaves Norway to conquer England and its people.

First things first, when Odyssey included the option to play as either the brother or sister, I was so happy. Giving the player the choice is incredible and giving me the option to play as a badass woman, even better. So, yes, I will be playing as female Eivor.

I think this game could be a perfect example of why people no longer play Assassins Creed games for the franchise, but rather for the massive RPG set in a historical setting that explores what these worlds were like and their mythology.

Lead raids, ruthlessly bludgeon enemies, grow your settlement and take part in traditional Viking activities like hunting, drinking games and flyting – a kind of Viking rap battle.

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red and cyberpunk was all I needed to hear before I was fully on board all those years ago. Now, in 2020 we are finally getting our hands on this beast of a sci-fi adventure shooter.

You play as V, a mercenary in Night City, on the hunt for a very prized implant. From all the gameplay and combat we’ve seen, playing as V looks like it will be one of the most rewarding first-person shooter games ever.

A vast open world with plenty to explore and so much adventure, I’m beyond excited to sink hour after hour exploring Night City and discovering everything it has to offer.

Another exciting aspect of this game is the promise of high customisability, with the player being able to customise the skillset, playstyle and cyberware. The latter is probably most exciting, and after seeing the level of detail in NPCs that have cyberware, I’m hoping we get to drastically customise the way V looks with his cyberware alone.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

When this was originally announced as Gods & Monsters I was very, very excited by the concept of this game. After that initial reveal this game kind of vanished and has only recently come back with a complete revamp, name and all.

So, we’ve lost that simple, catchy and fantastic title to Immortals Fenyx Rising, which sounds like a mobile game chock full of microtransactions and terrible dialogue. Hopefully that’s not what we’ll be getting, but time will tell.

Now, despite all that pessimism, I’m still looking forward to this game, if not more bitterly. You play as Fenyx, a winged demi-god on a mission to save the gods by taking on mythological beasts and solving puzzles along the way.

The new gameplay looks like it could be a lot of fun, with big boss fights and lots of puzzles, upgrades and so on. My only worry from the new gameplay is that it looks insanely cluttered, with a UI reminiscent of a noughties PC game or current mobile game. Here’s to hoping the UI is customisable, but I’m highly doubting it.

The reason I’m actually really looking forward to this game still is the fact it is being released on the Nintendo Switch. Its art style is very reminiscent of Breath of the Wild, and whilst I don’t think I’d want to play this game on the PS4/PS5, I’ll definitely want to give it a shot on the Switch.

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