It’s launch day for the Xbox Series X/S and whilst that should be a gleeful day for most gamers, however for many having ordered their next gen console via Amazon UK they will bitterly disappointed.

Even with Amazon’s twitter help account people seem to be getting a cut-and-paste response to their grievances, which is just fuelling a lot of people’s frustrations. A lot of people have had varying responses from different Amazon reps through their live chat service and over the phone. I myself called to be told they didn’t really have an answer for me, and that it would be escalated to the fulfilment centre, which could take up to 48 hours to respond. I doubt I’ll be waiting this long, but the lack of communication and answers has been very frustration for a lot of customers.

It may be that the Amazon warehouses have yet to receive the stock from Microsoft themselves, but if this were the case full transparency with customers should really be a given. 

Another gripe a lot of people are having is that with Amazon, customers on prime are paying a subscription service for next day and launch day delivery, and to not have that honoured whilst having paid a hefty annual or monthly fee can feel like a slap in the face to many customers.

These tweets show the confusion and chaos surrounding the Amazon UK Xbox Series X/S pre-order salutation.

To make things worse for some, professionals in the gaming industry who needed their console on release day for work purposes are also having their consoles delayed, which could adversely affect their jobs.

Here’s to hoping we all get our consoles tomorrow if not this week, and if you have received yours today, enjoy your next gen gaming experience!

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