Watch Dogs: Legion was a game I was very, very excited to play. Taking on a daring new mechanic and injecting it into a well-known and much-loved franchise, Ubisoft really took a risk with this title.

Whilst the idea of playing as any NPC you come across works well and is fun, even with its rather major misgivings, that’s not this issue that is plaguing the AAA release right now. Many, many Xbox Series X players are experiencing a bug that is making the game completely unplayable, and is destroying any joy players are getting out of the game.

Watch Dogs: Legion doesn’t allow for manual saves, a choice I think it rather bizarre, but instead opts for an auto save feature with only one save slot. There is no control over the way this game saves, thus players put their faith in the game regularly saving their progress. However, a strange bug on the Xbox Series X is causing this auto save feature to simply not work, and many players are losing hours upon hours of progress. 

Watch Dogs Legion

I myself have experienced this, where I get a notification saying that Xbox Live has disconnected in the game and therefore Ubisoft Connect, despite my Xbox Live being fully connect elsewhere on the console. Once this happens, any progress from then on, or since the last auto save, will be completely lost unless I restart the game.

Many players have taken to reddit to air their problems and complaints. Some users have found roundabout ways to bypass the issue (as seen below), however many do not want to have to jump through several extra steps in order to just enjoy the game.

The official Watch Dogs: Legion twitter account has responded to frustrated players saying that they are ‘aiming to have a patch early December’ for the issue. 

Considering the large number of new releases, the next generation consoles and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 launch, having to wait until sometime in early December in order to safely play Watch Dogs: Legion could land it on the backburner pile of most gamers. That along with the heavy discounts has put a sour taste in many fans’ mouths, and I myself find it hard to see myself returning to this game soon if the issue is not resolved before December. Despite all these issues, I have really enjoyed my time with the game, and hope Ubisoft can pick up the pieces of this major bug that has ruined the experience for some.

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