Imran is an actor, filmmaker, writer and photographer. He is a creative individual with a real drive for written and visual storytelling

Imran has featured in short films, indie films, interactive films and theatre pieces. More recently Imran was featured in a charity short film ‘Vitriol’ and has done a research and development theatre piece with the Welsh National Opera. Imran has landed a place at the Guildford School of Acting on their one year Acting masters course, which he will start October 2019.

As well as acting, Imran enjoys all forms of entertainment, being an avid consumer of TV, films, books and video games. This has led to a keen and professional interest in filmmaking and writing. Having produced, written and starred in ‘Blood Ties’ Imran is excited to continue creating new and adventurous projects.

Imran writes in many forms, from prose to screenplay and creatively to journalistically. Currently, Imran is developing several scripts and novels, which he hopes to produce and share in the years to come. Imran also blogs regularly on this website, highlighting things he loves as well as blogging personally. At the moment, Imran is writing journalistically for Daily Gaming Report, a video game news website.

Additionally, to these creative ventures Imran thoroughly enjoys photography, experimenting with graphic design projects and has a meticulous obsession with video editing.

If you wish to contact Imran please use the email and links below: