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The Medium is the next big game from Blooper Team, the studio behind Layers of Fear, Observer and Blair Witch, and probably the first true next generation game on the Xbox Series X|S. Continuing in the vein of phycological and literal horror these developers do so well, The Medium truly elevates the studio to the next level.

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Man of Medan was our first taste of Supermassive Games’ ambitions new series, and whilst it had its flaws it was a thrilling adventure at sea that boasted horror and replayability. Now we’re at the second game, Little Hope, which takes us away from a ghost ship and to the world of witch trials. What this game boasts in visuals and enemy interactions it loses in its lack of cohesion and consequence down the line.

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Ghost of Tsushima had been on my radar for a fair while before its release, and being the major game following The Last of Us Part 2, it had a lot to live up to. Luckily for Sucker Punch, their efforts more than paid off producing a stellar game that could give The Last of Us Part 2 and Animal Crossing a run for their money in the game of the year contest.

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Pitfall Planet promises cute robots, fun couch co-op gaming and a vast array of puzzles that’ll have you and a friend either working together or screaming at each other. Having crash landed on a planet in a galaxy far, far away, two robots must collect enough ore in order to fuel their trip home and escape the planet whose history is […]

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Dishonored 2 was released almost a year ago to critical acclaim, making the Dishonored franchise one of the most successful stealth IPs of the decade. With the impressive supply of DLC for the first game, it’s no surprise Dishonored 2 would get some DLC. However, instead of traditional DLC within the game, we’ve gotten a standalone adventure for Meagan Foster, […]

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Dishonored has established itself as a well-known and loved franchise with its second instalment continuing the story of our favourite hero Korvo and his now grown up daughter and empress, Emily. If you were a fan of Korvo’s betrayal, loss and harrowing story you will undoubtedly be a fan of Arkane Studio’s latest release in the franchise, Dishonored 2. With […]